We take sustainability

Digitization provides better utilization of resources. It is about converting this into gains - for customers, society and the environment.

Electrification and the green shift require advanced technology, which is one of the reasons why Embriq was founded.

We offer tailor-made software solutions to improve the energy infrastructure in the Nordics, by increasing the efficiency of the network and optimizing resource utilization. This ensures reliable and sustainable energy distribution, which is crucial for the energy transition and the green shift!

The energy transition & the green shift!


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Our selected UN sustainability goals

Social responsibility, ESG and a focus on sustainability are fundamental principles woven into all of Embriq’s operations. Solutions from us are important tools for our customers when they need to minimize their climate footprint. We also work continuously to reduce our own climate footprint to the greatest extent possible, and are certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001. To help Norway achieve its environmental goals, Embriq has chosen to work actively with five of the UN’s sustainability goals – where we mean that we can make a difference. By working actively with these goals, we will indirectly contribute to stopping climate change by 2030, in line with the UN’s sustainability goal no. 13.

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Achieve equality and strengthen the position of girls and women in society.

Equality in the Nordic region has come considerably further than in other parts of the world, but we can still improve.

One of the biggest equality challenges is equal pay for men and women. Embriq focuses on women and men in the company receiving equal pay for equal work. The low proportion of women in the IT industry is also a challenge. To help change the trend, Embriq wants to recruit, retain and develop more women in the company.

We have set ourselves a long-term goal of increasing the proportion of women in the company from 14% in 2021 to 22% by 2025. To achieve this goal, our job advertisements and interviews must show that we want diversity and equality in the company. In addition, in our management development we focus on becoming more aware of unconscious prejudices in recruitment processes.

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Ensure access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy at an affordable price for everyone.

Embriq is a leading strategic advisor and supplier of advanced IT solutions to the energy industry. Our solutions contribute to the implementation of the green shift and the electrification of society. Our technology makes it possible for the grid companies to make operation and maintenance of the power grid more efficient.

Embriq supplies the system platform Quant, which assists the grid companies with having an overview of capacity and bottlenecks in the grid, treating and solving voltage challenges and power outages and discovering and planning for the rectification of earth faults. Powercatch is a work order system that ensures that maintenance and development of the power grid takes place as efficiently as possible.

With our solutions within IT Managed Services, we assist customers with guidance and advice on how to manage and store data in the most resource-efficient way possible, for example through secure management of the necessary amount of data with the smallest possible climate footprint.

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Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all.

In order to promote a sustainable future, we want to include young people in the labor market. Embriq is therefore working to reduce the average age in the company to under 40.

We are preparing a recruitment strategy for Young Professionals to attract the young people in the labor market. Recruiting managers and employees complete courses to better develop and adapt the company's human resources.

In order to be able to plan recruitment needs, competence needs and career paths, we continuously invest in our employees' learning and development.

Embriq focuses on being a responsible and inclusive employer, which prioritizes its employees' health, environment and safety. This is a prerequisite for long-term value creation and healthy economic growth.

In order to create sustainable workplaces that facilitate diversity and equality, we take the working environment seriously. Embriq is focused on ensuring that all employees thrive, are satisfied with their work, and that they feel that they can influence their own working situation. Therefore, we regularly measure both the well-being and development of our employees in order to increase their commitment and make improvements based on the results.

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Build solid infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

Embriq's solutions will contribute to increased resource efficiency and a reduced climate footprint for our customers. This is a requirement when we develop new solutions.

We have extensive experience with the operation and digitization of socially critical infrastructure and we continuously develop new solutions adapted to the electrification of society and the green shift. For example, Embriq supplies solutions for the collection and analysis of data from sensors and IoT devices that enable our customers to optimize operations and reduce emissions.

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Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Embriq focuses on responsible purchasing and supplier follow-up, where we set requirements for production, transport and certifications, among other things. Reuse and recycling are essential in a circular economy. In order to reduce our own climate footprint, we have significantly extended the lifespan of our IT equipment. In addition, this equipment is leased, which facilitates reuse.

We aim to reduce the number of flights by 40% in 2022 compared to the 2019 level, which corresponds to approximately 1 flight on average per employed in 2022. We also aim to shift a significant proportion of journeys from car to collective solutions . Car journeys must make up a maximum of 40% of the total transport cost in 2022.

Sustainability goals

The transparency report

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