In recent years, technological changes have opened up new opportunities for the operation of complex IT environments. We hold longstanding experience in this area – for both legacy and native cloud solutions. Combined with our industry-specific expertise, we have put together a modern platform for comprehensive solutions for IT operations.

A secure framework that ensures compliance, control and efficiency is particularly important for customers seeking to migrate services to the cloud

This is why we have developed a landing zone for all customers – irrespective of size. We build all infrastructure using code. This ensures consistency throughout the infrastructure and excellent control of resources.

For end users, we have bundled multiple solutions and services into one package. This is a full-scale solution that includes support and all the functionality you would expect – from print and client management to 24/7 end-user support.

The core system in most businesses is the ERP system

Many of our customers have used their ERP systems for many years – and in periods when stable operations cannot be sacrificed for digital development, it is important to have an expert partner who can guarantee uninterrupted service.

Our aim is to offer stable services from existing ERP solutions to ensure that your organisation can focus on its processes and new technology rather than worrying about existing environments.

By letting Embriq handle your ERP solution, we ensure stable operations from our operations centres, which are designed especially for ERP environments, and link legacy systems to the cloud. This means that you can develop new digital solutions for your organisation and your customers in the cloud, while still retaining existing investments that can be operated from our data centres.

Networks are the link between all your components and services

Whether traffic is via the Internet or in a local network, certain factors are always critical: stability, bandwidth and security. We have worked with networks in data centres, the cloud and distribution for many years and have accumulated expertise and experience to cover any requirement. From satellite traffic to secure networks certified by the Norwegian National Security Authority, we can offer state-of-the-art connectivity and stability.

We have developed industry-specific solutions that ensure economies of scale and stability – without compromising on functionality. We strive to build networks that are designed for tomorrow.

We cover all your requirements to ensure that your organisation can grow with us.

For our customers who cannot or do not wish to migrate to the cloud, we operate several full-scale data centres on Norwegian soil

We offer capacity services for major organisations and have specialised in building data centres that cater for unique requirements.

Our focus on hybrid scenarios means that we have excellent solutions and capacity in place in full-scale hybrid data centres. This means that we can meet any requirement – as technology for services that cannot be run from the cloud, or solutions required to comply with regulations to which your organisation may be subject in accordance with data storage legislation.

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