We take the best from all worlds and help you to manage legacy systems while focusing on new innovative solutions. If you are seeking flexibility for your IT solutions, we can help you.

Innovative hybrid IT solutions

When the public cloud is not an option

Private Cloud

Embriq Private Cloud is a cloud-based solution operated by Embriq that provides benefits for our customers:

  • Competitive cost levels
  • 24/7 operations and support
  • Capacity and data stored at Norwegian and Swedish locations
  • Full control of your data
  • Complies with national security and compliance requirements that go beyond the EU’s requirements
Når Public Cloud ikke er et alternativ

Start your cloud journey

A cloud journey is a journey of transformation

Digital developments are moving fast and we ensure that our solutions are future-oriented. Our framework provides you with a digital foundation that safeguards both legacy and native cloud services. This gives you scalable technology and the speeds that you require for success on your digital journey.

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We supply IT solutions that help data-driven businesses to optimise their competitiveness.

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