Infor M3Nordic operating environment

Infor M3 operating environment

Keep tabs on the most critical part of your business

Our Infor M3 experts

Our employees possess many years’ experience and a high level of expertise in Infor M3 and IBM i. We manage your operating environment in the way you require – from our data centres in Norway and Sweden.

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Changing IT partner at the weekend

“IT is, of course, absolutely essential to us and our business model. Our Infor M3 ERP system is definitely the most important – it’s our bread and butter. Everything else is really a support system. It’s extremely important to us that the host and operator of our systems know every detail, as we require the system to operate 24/7. We work in a so-called mirrored environment, something very few companies in Europe have in-depth expertise in – but we know that Embriq has those specialists,” says Kenneth Syvertsen from Cycleurope.

Kavli chooses Embriq as turnkey hybrid Multi-Cloud IT provider

Kavli has chosen Embriq as a turnkey hybrid Multi-Cloud IT provider. The contract includes a wide range of IT services for the entire Kavli group and makes Embriq an important partner in achieving Kavli’s ambitions within industry 4.0 technology.

Varner & Infor M3 at Embriq

Varner has chosen Embriq for the monitoring and operation of technical infrastructure associated with the Infor M3 ERP system and the IBM i platform. For a group with more than 1,500 stores in eight countries and more than 10,000 employees, it is critical that systems work as they have to – at all times.

ERP system operation

Some systems simply cannot be migrated to the public cloud in a way that makes sense. This may be because they are transaction-heavy or are closely intertwined with production, or because the costs associated with migration to the cloud are disproportionately high.

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Proactive operation
We ensure proactive and complex operation of demanding environments from our Norwegian data centres. We know full well that these are your core systems and that they are critically important to your business. Proactive operation allows us to address challenges that may affect your business – and resolve them before any serious problems arise.

Local expertise
With local experts in Norway who truly understand your business, we provide the business-critical solutions you need. Our employees have extensive in-depth experience with IBM i – and from our Norwegian data centres we supply the ultimate expertise available in this field in Norway.

Our service offering
We monitor and operate IBM Power i and Infor M3 infrastructure, whether the technology is on-site with you or supplied from our redundant infrastructure and capacity. We also address operating requirements for associated Windows servers, if required. We assist with secure change management according to approved processes. If errors should arise, we work on the problem until the errors have been fully resolved. Mimix is handled by our certified engineers, and we perform regular checks to ensure that redundancy works. Assistance with the application itself can be provided by our application consultants.