We are digitalising the energy industry

Process optimisation for power companies by focusing on innovation, sustainability and security.

    We give you the power of innovation

    The energy industry faces multiple serious challenges as a consequence of the green transition, local production, electrification and capacity limits in the grid. At the same time, there is increasing demand for efficient core business operations. Our portfolio of products and services gives you the innovation you need to safeguard data-based business value. We aim to support your digitalisation journey towards efficient digitalisation and optimised internal business processes.

    Embriqs produkter og tjenester gir deg den innovasjonskraften du trenger for å finne de riktige løsningene gjennom optimalisering av arbeidsprosessene, god digitalisering og riktig bruk av data.

    70% of all metering data in Norway currently goes through our Quant platform.

    Software and IT operations for the energy sector:
    • Quant

      Quant is the solution for the energy company of the future. Based on scalable, cloud-based solutions combined with an analytical tool for operation of communication and power networks with complete Elhub-adapted integration, Quant is an effective tool for the modern digital power company.

    • Powercatch

      Powercatch is a future-oriented platform for projects and collaboration based on Atlassian Jira. The platform supports the most important work processes for planners, site managers and engineers. Powercatch is simply a better planning tool!

    • IT-Operations

      Embriq is a forward-looking service integrator and supplier of robust state-of-the-art IT services for energy company operations. We handle all requirements by offering both legacy and native cloud services. We ensure scalability and cost efficiency while prioritising uptime and security.

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    • Consulting

      Embriq is a leading strategic adviser to the energy industry. Our consultants help you identify and develop processes, architecture choice and solution development – which we can manage and operate throughout the lifetime of the solution.


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