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The market’s state-of-the-art solution for efficient data processing.

Quant is a solution for the energy company of the future. Based on scalable, cloud-based solutions, combined with analytical tools for the operation of communication networks and power grids, Quant is an efficient tool for the modern digital energy company. Quant offers secure handling and processing of data for a large number of digital metering units and complete Elhub-adapted integration. Quant ensures the digital future!

Efficient operations

Quant offers advanced solutions for the efficient processing of large volumes of smart meter data. Automated processes ensure that all standard operations are completed without the need for manual data entry of any kind. Only non-compliances are flagged and categorised according to priority level. The solution offers the market’s most advanced capabilities for the operation of meters, communication and services. A dashboard gives operators and other employees a comprehensive overview of system status and intervention requirements. Search, list and map functionalities provide a complete picture of the operating environment.

Analysis and reporting

Quant collects, validates and processes data from a wide range of sources. Key analyses for operators, management and other stakeholders are shown on a state-of-the-art dashboard which supports both day-to-day and periodic tasks and projects. Quant includes an advanced question feature, a user interface adapted to the main fields in the energy sector and an advanced reporting module that offers both standard reports and the option of customised information.

Data processing

Quant offers advanced and powerful data processing solutions that are able to handle collected data from a variety of sources and technologies. In-coming data are processed according to specific requirements with full VEE support according to Norwegian Elhub specifications. The data are available both on the Quant dashboard and through flexible, modern integration which works with business systems such as CIS. The solution has been designed for multiple use and is able to process data from different sources for different purposes.

Integration and interoperability

Quant has been designed to function in a modern, state-of-the-art environment and handles very scalable and interoperable integration in a native module called Quant Flow. The main application areas for Quant Flow are integration, certified Elhub integration and integration with key business systems such as customer information systems (CIS) and work order management systems (WOMS).


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