If IT stops,production stops

Kavli velger Embriq som total Hybrid Multi-Cloud IT-leverandør

IT for data-driven industries

You probably produce more data than products and services that your customers buy from you. It is also highly likely that if IT stops in your business, production will also stop. We have longstanding experience from helping data-driven industries use IT and advanced technology to build up a sharp competitive edge. The uptime requirements are indisputable – but how IT is used in your organisation to generate the best value for your customers or streamline operations presents many options. We help you to make the right choices.


We offer wide-ranging experience as a supplier of critical IT services to manufacturing companies – for food production and also other types of production. Uptime is always critically important, and we deliver on that, around the clock all year round. Today’s manufacturers also face a number of other requirements that must be met in order to optimise their operations and stay as competitive as possible. Distributed IT, with extreme growth in IoT, sensors and efficient processing of large data volumes, requires more stringent data management, security and control.

The need for a business partner with industry knowledge, insight into opportunities and challenges, as well as technical expertise, is greater than ever. We are that partner.


In a world where huge volumes of goods are on the move, the number of data transactions far exceeds the number of packages that are moved from A to B. We help operators in the industry with the solutions they need to convert data flows into effective management information. Whether you are land-based in the Nordic region or run offshore operations around the world, we can help you with the services that ensure the best and most cost-effective operation.

Sea farming

The industry is often characterised by significant focus on research and innovation and continuous improvement in order to maintain sustainable and profitable operations. Norwegian Arctic waters are a good starting point for the world’s best product. But the challenges are many and include a production phase that focuses on being disease-free, as well as a distribution phase in which rapid delivery to end customers around the world is essential. Along the way, agile handling and data exchange with some of the world’s most demanding customers in the grocery industry are critical. We help you to build the solutions that work, including Infor M3, which is used by a number of leading operators.

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