Automating your working day

Assemble all parts of a work process and simply build your very own platform to create a customised tool, totally adapted to your working day and using your relevant data and automations. Work smoothly with easy collaboration across every part of the company, from the engineer onsite to the customer contact person in the office.

Smarter planning of work onsite ensures lower site costs and more sustainable operations. Make data accessible and live with simple integration with other professional systems. Streamline collaboration and reporting. We take responsibility for efficiency and quality-assured operations.

How does Powercatch make your work processes smooth and easy?

  • Engineers working onsite

    Engineers working onsite can have a paper-free working day, no longer having to deliver or pick up work orders from the office. They can travel directly to the site then report from their mobile phone or tablet.

    Powercatch provides engineers with real-time access to work order information and all other relevant documentation for the assignment, from the project manager, customer contact person and planner. And with the option for both online and offline synchronisation of all data, every member of the team will have the most recent information.

  • Back-Office

    If you work with planning and resource management, it is important to have a complete overview and control over engineers working onsite. With Powercatch, real-time information enables you to facilitate optimal use of resources and personnel.

    It is simple to plan which engineers should be involved in a project based on geographical location, expertise and criticality. The tool provides a full overview of own resources, and smoothly shares information between you and the engineer to create the best foundations for sound decision-making.

  • From work process design to implementation

    A shorter route from design to finished product. It is quick and easy to design an entire work process, without the need for expensive programming and further development of the tool. Set-up is therefore both quick and easy.

  • Seamless work

    Join every member of the organisation into one unit by linking the different parts of the chain across work processes – from resource planning to the engineer. The tool also provides customised work surfaces for the different roles in your company. This provides an efficient interface, and eliminates surplus information.

“With Powercatch, I have a unique overview and control of every employee’s workload, and an effective insight into the individual assignments.”

Terje Storvik Head of the Project Section at Tensio.

Powercatch on mobile

All necessary information provided in one tool

Tre Iphone skjermer med utklipp fra Powercatch

Powercatch Mobile App

Powercatch Mobile gives engineers a practical tool that contains all the information they require to perform and document work onsite. With the Powercatch mobile app for iOS and Android, you get:

  • Overview of jobs in list, calendar and map formats
  • Job safety analysis, declaration of conformity, REN datasheets and final checks as part of the work order
  • Timekeeping and time records directly in the work order
  • Can be used with navigation programs
  • See network infrastructure in the map and click on this for further documentation
  • Keep track of material consumption and inventory status
Iphone som viser Powercatch på mobil


Achieve automation through collaboration. In other words, you obtain full potential when systems talk to each other. The unique automation in Powercatch eliminates the need to press a button to send a work order, as this can be done automatically. Or when a project is finished, it can automatically trigger an invoice. So, the next step in a process does not have to rely on human intervention, it will be automatic.

Map module for better planning and resource management

Maps and calendars provide a full overview of, e.g., planned, ongoing and completed assignments. This resource management tool facilitates efficient and timely planning of work orders. It is simple to plan which engineers should be involved in a project based on geographical location, expertise and criticality. The tool provides an excellent overview of your own resources.

Would you like more detailed information about Powercatch?

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If you are curious about Powercatch or how you can use it, feel free to contact us and we will help you get started.

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Sustainable future

Male and female engineers working on a wind farm atop a hill or mountain in the rural. Progressive ideal for the future production of renewable, sustainable energy.

Being part of a sustainable future means choosing IT solutions that facilitate ongoing developments. Sustainable development entails, among other things, protecting biodiversity, environmental protection and responsible utilisation of natural resources.

With Powercatch from Embriq, you can improve your planning and resource management, which in turn leads to lower emissions. Why? Powercatch ensures good communication between project manager and engineer, which ensures maximum time savings. Engineers can make time savings and eliminate unnecessary driving time on wasted trips. Lower CO2 emissions equal a better carbon footprint.

The potential here is vast. Imagine a future where cars and heavy vehicles are replaced by drones to independently check power lines for faults, merely operated according to a work order dispatched from Powercatch. At Embriq, our ambition is to help transport your grid company into the sustainable future. Are you ready for the future?