Quant Insightanalysis of IoT and meter data for energy companies

Quant Insight provides full control of the electricity distribution network – based on your own data. Increase your business value from installed smart meters, innovate your operational routines and predict your future investments.

Key features

Quant Insight leverages your data and provides high-value information for any utility company by offering multiple applications.

  • React faster to incidents, reduce workload and improve future response scenarios
  • View events and capacity in real time or historically
  • Analyse and present current and future power usage and balance
  • Get a rapid overview of all data from connected metering points and substations
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Increased efficiency

Visualise alarms and events on maps and dashboards to enable efficient operation of the power distribution network. The map presents all the events, showing type, time and relation to substation.

  • Get a rapid overview of the grid in case of power failure
  • Improve the quality of service delivery through events monitoring
  • Allow replay to identify historical issues, i.e. timing and dependencies
  • Use external layers to enhance service value, i.e. meteorological data

Investment analysis

Analyse the historical, current and future degree of utilisation of the power distribution network.

  • Aggregate usage and production and compare to available capacity in a secondary substation
  • Combine data from end customers as the basis for risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Analyse load profiles. What happens if a secondary substation has to support ten new EVs and 20 new households?


Quant Insight software offers multiple applications for a wide range of scenarios:

    • Event management
    • Capacity management
    • Earth fault management
    • Balance control
    • Data quality
    • Meter communication
    • Reactive power
    • Meter point overview