ERPWe ensure stable operation of your most critical systems

Retain control of the most critical part of your business

Operation of ERP systems

Embriq offers secure operation of your ERP systems. This has been made possible on the basis of our system expertise as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure in our data centres. Several modern ERP systems are currently available both as shared solutions in a public cloud and as Software as a Service (SaaS).

SaaS solutions are provided independently of any particular cloud supplier. These are called self-hosted cloud editions. Automatic upgrades are in both cases undertaken by the supplier. These solutions provide greater flexibility when integrating them with surrounding systems than in the public cloud.

Self-hosted cloud edition can be run on a private cloud solution provided by Embriq. This is a service where our customers pay for the capacity they require. The solution is simple to scale both up and down as needed.

Our consultants are on hand to help you identify the solutions that best suit your business.

Operation of legacy infrastructure and software

For various reasons, some IT systems require management or traditional infrastructure. Embriq has long-standing experience in managing and monitoring these systems – either in IaaS in the public cloud or in our own data centres. Our models for traditional IT operations are based on many years’ experience and expertise. We supply everything from underlying infrastructure to application management. In partnership with our customers, we identify the best models for their environments.

Infor M3, Nordic operations environment

Our employees have many years’ experience and expertise in Infor M3 and IBM i. We manage your operating environment in the way you require – from our data centres in Norway and Sweden.

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Proactive operations
We ensure proactive and complex operation of demanding environments from our Norwegian data centres. We know very well that these are your core systems and that they are critically important to your business. Proactive operations allow us to address challenges that may affect your business – and solve them before any serious problems arise.

Local expertise
With local experts in Norway who truly understand your business, we provide the business-critical solutions you need. Our employees have extensive and in-depth experience in IBM i – and from our Norwegian data centres we supply the ultimate expertise available in this field in Norway.

Our service offering
We monitor and operate IBM Power i and Infor M3 infrastructure whether the technology is on site with you or supplied from our redundant infrastructure and capacity. We also address operating requirements for associated Windows servers, if required. We assist with secure change management according to approved processes. If errors should arise, we work on the problem until the errors have been fully resolved. Mimix is handled by our certified engineers, and we perform regular checks to ensure that redundancy works. Assistance on the application itself can be provided by our application consultants.