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Quant Insight

Gain full insight into the distribution network based on your own data. This means more efficient network operations and an enhanced basis for future investments.


With its multiple features, Quant Insight transforms business data into valuable insight. These features can be used to:

  • Respond faster to incidents and non-conformance
  • Reduce workloads in operations and administration
  • Enhance future response scenarios
  • Make choices based on real data
  • Centre the organisation around your data


Quant Insight includes a range of applications that handle a wide range of challenges related to:

  • Alarm and event management
  • Capacity analysis and simulation
  • Earth fault management
  • Balance and production control on your network
  • Delivery quality
  • Customer alerts and information sharing
  • Data quality
  • Meter communications
  • Reactive power analysis
  • Meter point overview

Quant Flow

Quant Flow is an IPaaS (Integration as a Service) which has been tailored to energy industry processes. The solution is a key component in the digitalisation of energy companies and solves both simple and complex integration processes.


  • Provides dataflow to enhance decision-making and business processes
  • Excellent integration processes ensure enhanced data quality
  • Increases business process speeds by bringing data to the decision-making point faster


  • Certified Elhub integration: More than 50% of meters in Norway use Quant Flow as their Elhub interface
  • Manages integration processes between HES, MDM, CIS, work order solutions, NIS (Network Information Systems), DMS, Smart Grid Analytics (i.e. Quant Insight)
  • Process optimisation, e.g. meter replacement and connection contribution

Quant Core/MDM

Quant offers advanced and powerful data processing solutions that are capable of handling data collected from different sources and technologies. Collected data are processed according to specific requirements, with full VEE support according to Norwegian Elhub specifications.


  • Enhanced meter operations with process-optimised user interface
  • Smart incident operations instead of technical complexity
  • Independent of meter provider and meter type
  • Increases quality of meter data and meter communication
  • Increased quality of power company business processes


  • Meter data processing
  • Component management
  • Supports electricity, district heating, gas, refrigeration and water meters
  • Meter values, alarms/incidents, power quality
  • Supports advanced smart operation of meters
  • Supports Nordic market processes

Quant TP

Quant TP is a feature-rich service platform for the Swedish energy market. The solution supports a range of key services related to meter value management – for grid companies, power companies and industry.


  • Platform for value-adding services for industry
  • Supports all known rules and market processes in Sweden
  • Enhanced data quality improves business processes
  • Independent of meter provider


  • Efficient and flexible MDM
  • Settlement and reporting
  • Integrated EDIEL functionality
  • Import and export with support for all market formats
  • Collection from a range of data sources

Quant Collect

Quant Collect is the company’s collection solution for precision metering and manages collection for a range of the market’s most popular meters. The solution forwards data to applicable systems and is also capable of making calculations.


  • Reliable meter data collection for high-volume metering
  • Efficient, flexible and modern application
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Independent of meter provider
  • Rapid data access and export


  • Data collection for high voltage precision metering
  • Can be used by network companies, power producers and industry
  • Data export feature
  • Digital twin for meter data
  • Handles meters from EMH, CeWe and LandisGyr
  • Framework for rapid implementation of other meter providers


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