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At Embriq, you will be part of a meaningful workplace in growth. We offer an exciting opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology in a cutting-edge business that really makes a difference to society. We support our employees’ personal development and make it possible for you to achieve visionary ideas and initiatives. We live for our values, which are: Grit, Curious and Unified.

We are a leading provider of advanced IT operations, software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services, and we have a team of around 230 employees who are committed to making data key to outstanding value creation.

Grit enables opportunities

If you have grit, you have perseverance, dedication and boldness. Grit helps people and businesses meet the challenges of the future in new ways. Grit breaks habits and redefines established patterns and routines. To challenge the established, we have to work together to find new approaches.

Curiosity drives change

What we have done so far is not our recipe for the future. We need to adapt, change and develop our approach so that we can be ready for tomorrow. We have to meet today’s challenges and opportunities with a new mindset and curiosity. This means gaining insight into state-of-the-art technologies and applying these in pioneering ways. At Embriq, we are also curious about each other as colleagues so that we can grow together as one team.

One unified team

Each one of us is unique – as something we all share, which brings us together. When we come together to achieve a common goal, we complement each other. We ensure involvement across departments and leverage all the skills we have to offer. By bringing all our talent and expertise together as one, we are able to offer unmatched quality and service.

Get to know your future colleagues

Embriq is the result of the people who work here. Our employees have many roles: IT consultants, project managers, Java developers, network consultants, operating consultants and cloud architects, to name a few. They are on hand to assist our clients every day – 24/7/365. They are long-term sounding boards and domain experts, as fantastic colleagues who are curious about future digitalisation opportunities. They are also kickboxers, creative souls, gamers, cyclists, runners and incredible skiers. We are certain that most of them feel at home in the mountains and in nature, with their family in tow. To get to know Embriq, you have to get to know our people.

People stories (in Norwegian)

Students = talents

The younger generation is our future. If you would like to work with us in conjunction with your master’s thesis, please contact us at and tell us more about your subject.

We review all applications on an on-going basis.