Quant CoreSaaS

Quant Core SaaS – Groundbreaking cloud-based solution for the collection, quality assurance and value addition of measurement data

Quant Core SaaS is the most advanced software we have ever developed and is a world-leading solution for collecting, quality assuring and adding value to large quantities of measurement data.

Quant Core SaaS gives you the muscle you need for industrial innovation and scalability that is only possible through modern cloud solutions.

Benefits of Quant Core cloud SaaS

Here are just a few of the many benefits you gain from Quant Core becoming cloud-based SaaS:

  • Faster innovation
  • High scalability
  • Cost savings
  • High level of security
  • Flexible solution ready for a growing market

With Quant Core SaaS, we are ready to help you meet a growing market with higher and stricter requirements regarding the handling of measurement data. We ensure complete control, security and effective processes relating to the handling of measurement data.

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Faster innovation

You will have access to changes and updates that are made to the service much more frequently than before, and you will also find that customisation is faster too. In general, you will gain an updated solution that continually adapts to meet your needs. When we upgrade an aspect of a service that we provide for one customer, the upgrade will become available to all our other customers. Thanks to economies of scale, you will get great value too.

High scalability

The solution is largely automatically scaled depending on the resources that are required. Making changes, adding new modules and granting new accesses to anyone who needs to use the service are all quick and easy. You won’t have to spend time creating orders or on protracted dialogues back and forth with suppliers, testing, prolonged and expensive implementation projects or expensive new installations.

Cost savings

Avoid having to develop your own expensive software or spend money on additional hardware or personnel for maintenance of your systems. Here, you get a comprehensive solution and don’t have to deal with an operations supplier. With faster innovation and a modular service, you only pay for what you actually use and need.

You can also scale up or down according to your needs. Everyone benefits from innovation, updates and changes that are made, and with a cost-effective solution where the costs are also shared among several organisations, you will make big savings by getting started with Quant Core cloud-based SaaS.

High level of security

The solution has been implemented with a very high level of security. Technical security is supported by an organisation with extensive experience of operating business-critical applications. Embriq also ensures that all laws, rules and regulations are followed, so that our customers can safely focus on the benefits of using the application.

Flexible solution

The solution is available for all possible variants of advanced measurements of utility consumption, covering both large and small companies. With highly scalable technology, you won’t have to pay for unnecessary resources. A high degree of adaptability and excellent integration architecture also result in a future-proof solution in your digitalized development.

Who is Quant Core cloud SaaS intended for?

Quant Core is a solution that is aimed at all companies involved in the advanced measurement of utility consumption, whether it be electric metering, district heating, cooling, gas or water. The solution has a global reach and, with only minor adjustments, can be offered to any country or type of company that processes advanced measurements.

Quant Core SaaS is a service for the efficient collection and processing of large quantities of meter data, as well as an operational tool that ensures high-quality collection. The solution offers great value for the digital company of the future.

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