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Embriq has longstanding experience with the customised set-up of Atlassian products, and we help you to adapt the tools to your requirements. We develop our own add-ons for Jira and Confluence. We also set up integrations between Jira and other systems.

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“Embriq can build an integration with Azure in just a few days, a feat several other players claimed was impossible.”

Jon Johansen Information Technology Manager at CEPI
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We help you with

  • Jira

    Jira is a flexible project management tool for planning, monitoring, organising and launching priority tasks for all types of projects/processes, and is Atlassian’s largest and most widely used product. The tool is designed to support flexible project methods and is the preferred tool for the ‘agile team’.

  • Jira Sevice Management

    The Atlassian package includes the Jira Service Management service desk solution (previously: Jira Service Desk), which is suitable both for small and medium-sized enterprises and larger corporations. Jira Service Management is your preferred helpdesk for reporting events with a single user interface. This gives developers, IT Ops and business teams the ability to collaborate at high speed. This solution reacts to changes and provides excellent customer and user experience quickly and seamlessly.

  • Confluence

    Confluence is a documentation and collaboration tool that stores and organises all your information resources around the projects you work on in Jira.

    Confluence can perform miracles for intranet and collaboration across teams, and also make important information accessible to your entire organisation. We help you to get full value from Confluence. Your employees will be able to organise information in the right way and retrieve it more easily, and also produce content for all users.

  • Bitbucket, Bambo & Sourcetree

    Embriq has wide-ranging expertise in most Atlassian products, including BitbucketBamboo and SourceTree – tools for version control, construction and deployment.

  • Partners

    In addition to developing our own add-ons for Jira, Embriq works with many other Atlassian Solution Partners around the world. We re-sell licences and provide consulting on licence issues. The agreements we have in place include the following providers:

    • Tempo – add-on for Jira (timekeeping, planning and budgeting)
    • Refined – add-on for Jira and Confluence (graphic adaptation for intranet and web pages)
    • Elements – add-on for Jira and Confluence (extension of standard functionality and added value)
    • BigPicture – flexible and efficient portfolio, project and planning tool for Jira

Courses and training packages

We offer courses and training packages for:

Use of Confluence
Intro, page structure and setup, content creation, access control, use of macros.

Use of Jira
Intro, structure and tabs, projects, setting up projects, searching projects, dashboards, creation and use of boards for seamless project management.

Admin course/training
Access/rights management, project and site configuration.

Powercatch offers automated workflows

Powercatch, our proprietary product, is a future-oriented platform for projects and collaboration – based on Atlassian Jira. The platform supports the most important work processes for planners, site managers and engineers. Powercatch is quite simply a better planning tool!

Powercatch collects all tasks at a single location to provide more efficient and quality-assured operation. Smarter planning of work on site ensures lower site costs and a higher ESG score.

Find out more about Powercatch here

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