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World’s leading collaboration platform

Atlassian delivers world’s leading collaboration platforms to over 200,000 businesses with Jira and Confluence as their best-known products. With a worldwide network of partners offering expertise on their products, Embriq is one of few such suppliers in Norway that can assist companies in making this journey as smooth as possible.

Framework agreement for partner services

The purpose of the acquisition is to establish a framework agreement with a certified partner of Atlassian in order to purchase and maintain Atlassian software licenses, purchase and maintain licenses for third-party add-on software from Atlassian Marketplace (plug-ins and power-ups) and purchase services in the field of technical advice, courses and training related to software covered by the agreement.

“Entur is a professional environment with clear aspirations to efficiently harness good digital collaboration solutions. At Embriq, we look forward to assisting Entur in optimising the use of Jira and Confluence to conduct good project management and agile interaction,” said Sverre Amdam, Sales Executive at Embriq AS.

We are pleased that Embriq will be our provider of Atlassian’s services, Jira and Confluence. We had an extensive process, and believe that Embriq was best suited for this purpose,” said Gro Olsson, Senior Advisor at Entur.

Embriq is betting on Atlassian

“It’s wonderful that Entur chooses Embriq as a partner for the Atlassian products. In Embriq, we help in achieving maximum benefits from advanced IT solutions. Following the acquisition of Resight, we represent a high competence environment within Atlassian. This fits like a hand in glove with our strategy and we will be very visible within this market going forward,” said Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq AS

About Entur:

Entur is a government-owned transportation company that makes it easier to choose public transportation. Entur develops and manages a travel planner for public transport throughout Norway and offers sales and ticket solutions for the public transport sector.

About Embriq: 

Embriq is a leading provider of advanced IT operations, software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services. We deliver solutions that help complex and transaction-intensive businesses to optimise their competitiveness in industries such as Energy, Industry and Retail. Embriq employs over 220 people and provides services in Norway and Sweden.


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