SitooCloud-based POS and Unified Commerce

Result optimisation through desirability, efficiency, reduced capital commitment and a focus on sustainability

Today’s consumers expect integrated, cross-channel shopping experiences. Unless all sales channels are connected in real time, creating anticipated experiences in a cost-effective way will be challenging. We see that many retailers do not succeed in meeting these expectations.

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Real-time data mean lower climate footprint

Real-time data available across all sales channels allow retailers to view, sell and deliver all available products anywhere and manage returns in the way customers want. We believe that the opportunities to return goods purchased online to a near-by store will help reduce the climate footprint and make retailers more attractive to climate-conscious consumers.

With access to the same product, stock, order and customer information everywhere in real time, stores and online sales channels are linked as a single unit which we are sure will result in a sharp increase in sales.

Full stock control

When stock from all warehouses, including stores, is available everywhere, the availability of goods can be maximised and orders handled in a more cost-effective way. This also facilitates a reduction in the capital that is tied up in stock by a lesser need for ‘overbuying’ to ensure availability in each channel. We also believe that goods being picked and sent from a warehouse that is as close to the consumer as possible is simply climate-smart.

Enhanced customer experience

It is important not to forget the importance of in-store staff for the overall customer experience. With mobility, contactless payment, access to all warehouses, 360° customer fittings, additional product information, offline features, KPIs etc., staff can offer customers an even better service.

How to exceed customer expectation

It is basically all about exceeding customer expectations and requirements. It is important to be able to offer flexible shopping in everything from product availability and means of payment to delivery and returns. Try enhancing the experience with personalised offers by using seamless integration with market-leading CRM solutions or by using RFID technology, Interactive Signage or other innovative solutions from Embriq.

Ground-breaking technology

Sitoo’s ground-breaking technology makes setting up the platform you need to meet consumer requirements and expectations today and in the future easy and quick.