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What exactly is Powercatch?
Powercatch is simply a higher-class scheduling tool. The key to a successful collaboration lies in having all the relevant information in one work surface, tailored to the job to be done. Automating specific work processes simplifies communication between employees, those who manage resources, and those who work in the field. Powercatch is the result of significant for work order solutions, and we have chosen to solve that by providing the next generation of collaboration tools.

Powercatch enables your ability to share information and interact across departments and projects in your business. The overview image and work surfaces (dashboards) are adapted to the individual user, and have a simple interface that is adapted to mobile devices.

Intuitive and agile solution makes Powercatch easy to use
The planning tool serves as a link between all professional systems – tailored to the role you have. The flexible system supports agile, modern and automated work processes, making the path from work process design to implementation shorter. At the same time, we have made the overview through reporting tools and good visual dashboards clearer.

A future-oriented and flexible product built on the Atlassian Jira platform
Built on the reputable Altassian Jira software, Powercatch acts as the order engine itself. Additional functionality through Jira apps (plugins) has been developed by Embriq, as well as the mobile app for Android and iOS (for the installer). The global software company is currently used by 125,000 companies worldwide.

Support functions for deployment and operation processes
Powercatch had already been widely used when it came to AMS deployment, and we have executed more than 350,000 AMS orders in Powercatch since 2016. The system also supports other work processes in the grid company such as operations and fault handling, customer requests, maintenance and major development projects.

The customer portal provides quality data collection from end customers and partners. The mobile app retrieves data through the installers who work in the web and supports functionality for secure job analysis, image attribution, attachments, timekeeping, material consumption, driving, navigation and augmented reality.

Illustration of a web operation workflow.

Here’s an example of a web operation workflow. It describes the “life cycle” of the work order from the time it occurs until it is completed. By defining states or states, we can, in the transition between these, notify users, delegate, control privileges, verify that data is filled in, and automates a variety of operations.


Integration with different professional systems
We see the significant strength when we integrate with other systems. With robust and standardized integrations with the most widespread professional systems, the user experiences less ‘cut and paste’, and a lower risk of human error. The installer has only one tool to deal with for all types of orders. The APIs are modern, robust and proven and can either be connected directly or to Embriq’s integration service, Quant Flow, which supports the most common ERP, KIS and NIS systems.

Different industries – similar processes
Although Embriq has focused mostly on the power industry and specifically the grid companies, there are clear parallels with other industries, such as energy, oil and gas. It is roughly about planning work, performing it in fields, and documenting. Although these can be very similar, the framework conditions may be different.

“Over the past 3 years, OneCo has used many different work order and planning tools for the mass rollout of 1.2 million electricity meters in Norway. Based on this solid experience, I can highly recommend PowerCatch, which I consider the best product available in the market today for this purpose”

– Marius Gløersen, Project Manager at OneCo Elektro


  1. Solid market position 
    – High demand for work order solutions
    – Focus on digitalisation
    – Strategic partnerships
  2. High customer satisfaction
    – High degree of transparency in the customer relationship
    – Valued alternative to old, proprietary solutions
  3. Future-oriented and flexible product
    – Open interfaces and configuration options
    – Builds on proven Software from Atlassian
    – Focus on SaaS, DevOps methodology
  4. Committed and competent personnel
    – Highly trained in different disciplines
    – Focus on knowledge sharing, values and processes

Embriq helps you work smarter with Powercatch
High customer satisfaction constitutes a high degree of transparency in the customer relationship. Powercatch is currently a valued alternative to old, proprietary solutions. Embriq has extensive experience in tailored setup of Atlassian products including Powercatch, and we can help you adapt the tools to your needs. We want to facilitate the working lives of all employees in the online industry, and have combined learning, expertise and needs in a single product. Our plugins are pointed towards the industry, and Embriq is happy to offer these to their satisfied customers.

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