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Why Quant Core SaaS?
The transition to Quant Core on AWS gives Lnett more than just greater flexibility. It also ensures faster updates, improved response times under high loads, and best-in-class security features. Through this innovation, Lnett is positioning itself not only to meet today’s needs, but also to face up to the challenges of the future.

We were very aware we would have to grow out of our previous infrastructure into something more efficient. Switching to the Quant Core SaaS cloud service felt like the most natural and secure step,” stresses Hans Bø, Head of Data Quality and Information Security at Lnett.

From several providers to just one,
Lnett has chosen Embriq’s cloud services for more than just Quant Core SaaS. Along with products such as Quant Flow and Quant Insight, they are also gaining integrated monitoring and control over their power grid. This interplay of tools provides deep data analytics and insight, helping to maximize operational efficiency. This solution means that Lnett only deals with one supplier, rather than several.

Our experience of Embriq products has confirmed that they work seamlessly together, and we are confident that Quant Core SaaS will complement this ecosystem perfectly,” Bø concludes.

About Lnett
Lnett is a grid company in Sør-Rogaland with around 160,000 customers. The company is responsible for the regional network from Hjelmeland in the north to Eigersund in the south, as well as the distribution grid in nine municipalities. Find out more at https://www.l-nett.no/.

Hans Bø
Head of Data Quality and Information Security at Lnett

About Embriq
Embriq is a leading provider of advanced IT operations, software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services. We deliver solutions that help complex and transaction-intensive businesses to optimise their competitiveness in industries such as Energy, Industry and Retail. Embriq employs over 220 people and provides services in Norway and Sweden.

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