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Data is everywhere

Quant Insight

Get a full overview of the distribution network based on your own data. The result is more efficient network operation and a better basis for future investments. Thanks to a variety of features, Quant Insight turns your company’s data into valuable insights.

Our goal is to have competitive products: Quant Insight is therefore under constant development – to meet the market’s needs and our customers’ wishes.

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New module in Quant Insight

Scenario Analysis

Use Scenario Analysis as a tool in your distribution network planning. Create simulations to look at various scenarios in order to calculate the circuit load. Plan the distribution network of the future today!

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Embriq - Making data key to outstanding value creation

Who are Embriq?

Embriq is a Norwegian IT company and a leading provider of advanced IT operations, software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services. We number approximately 220 dedicated employees, serving customers throughout the Nordic region – customers who all provide critical infrastructure services.

We work hard to realise our vision: Making data key to outstanding value creation.

We do this by providing IT solutions that help complex and transaction-intensive businesses in the energy, retail and industrial sectors become more competitive, with the emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

Watch our previous webinars

We have held several different webinars in the energy, retail and IT fields. Here you can watch all our webinars free of charge whenever it suits you.

Webinar recording is in Norwegian and Swedish.

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  • David Westerlund

    Heads of Research and Business Development

    (+46) 702 09 61 22

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  • Myselie Nguyen

    Sales Executive, Services & Software

    (+47) 936 75 305

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  • Jeanette Bratli

    Sales Manager, Services & Software

    (+47) 938 01 510

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