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Can you tell us a little bit about your job at Embriq?
I work on developing Quant Insight. This is a platform for processing and analysing IoT data, mostly in the energy sector. I work with an extremely talented team and very skilful and committed customers. This is inspiring. I have a very varied job, but I try to do as much programming as possible as this is what inspires me. My working day is very flexible. That’s great because it means that I can make family life work very well too.

Why did you choose Embriq?
I had a good friend at Embriq who invited me over. I got joined the company and felt at home and chose to stay. I’m constantly being given new challenges, and, of course, I’m still thriving as much as I was in the beginning, if not more. Very nice to have a link to Oslo with my family there too! It’s also important for me to contribute to positive developments in society by helping our customers, mainly in the energy industry, with their digitalisation.

What do you think is the coolest technology trend right now?
It has to be a tie between batteries, blockchain and AI! I’ve worked with two of those (AI and batteries) on a project called ACES (Adaptive Control Energy Storage). This really means managing the battery in a more intelligent way. In other words, using artificial intelligence to manage the energy in batteries more efficiently.

What is your favourite gadget?
I have to say that it’s my telephone. I use it more than anything, and I’m almost dependent on it. I don’t own many gadgets so there isn’t much to choose from!

What is the best book you have read?
A book I recommend reading early in your career in software development is called the Pragmatic Programmer. It is a very cool non-fiction book with lots of tips for how to approach development. In many ways, it has informed my views on software development and the way I want to work. Another book I would recommend is Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I can’t reveal much, but things are actually going better in the world than the impression you get from the news.

Do you have a favourite television series that you would recommend to others?
My all-time favourite series is Breaking Bad. Maybe that’s not very up to date, but it’s just so good! At the moment, I’m watching the Mandalorian and the Marvel movies with my son who’s 12. I have to admit that I like the series and the films a lot – and it’s very nice to be able to share them with my son.



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