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It was a previous employer’s approach to innovative technology in business architecture that opened her eyes to data-intensive businesses. In recent years, she built a customer base and sales team at ReachMee and Ardoq, two fast-growing tech companies, which have experienced both Scandinavian and international growth. Jeanette finds assisting companies with data insight for socially critical areas both super-exciting and rewarding. Now she has joined us!

Can you tell us a little about your job at Embriq?
I’ve just joined as sales manager in the Services & Software department and am responsible for the Norwegian market. Our main focus now is the energy industry. We provide technology and services that help grid companies operate their smart meters efficiently and use data to analyse the power grid. The analyses can be used for so much – for example, to calculate capacity or troubleshoot across the network. During my initial period, I’ve been getting to know the company and familiarising myself with the needs we face in meeting the growing expectations of our customers. We are facing an exciting growth journey and scaling up the team continuously! Although Microsoft Teams is here to stay, I’m also looking forward to a real trip out to meet our customers.

Why did you choose Embriq?
When I was introduced to Embriq, I was impressed by the forward-looking technology behind the Quant portfolio and the solid industry knowledge among the people in the company. The company has ambitions to grow, both in terms of the company itself and in the energy industry – and I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s a dream for me to work with technology that supports the EU’s most stringent climate goals and increased demand in our electricity grid.

What do you think is the coolest technology trend right now?
I’m fascinated by technology that allows us to simulate different future scenarios based on the utilisation of data. In the energy sector, this allows the power companies to plan capacity for continuous changes in end customer consumer patterns. Typical examples are different charging patterns for electric cars or solar cell systems.

What is your favourite gadget?
Personally, I miss the gym and really love Naardic.no. This website offers live gym sessions on Zoom. I very much value being able to go to a scheduled gym session in a digital ‘gym’ with other people.

What is the best book you have read?
The last two books I bought were actually cookbooks. Like a lot of people, I love cooking in my spare time, and I like to learn more about wine. If I had to highlight one book, it would have to be Powerful by Patty McCord. This book is written by a former HR director at Netflix and is about how a trusting work culture is vital for change processes in one of the world’s leading technology companies. It’s insightful and very relevant to Norwegian conditions.

Do you have a favourite television series that you would recommend to others?
The new Netflix series Snabba Cash is a fun and intense series that takes us into Stockholm’s criminal underworld. Key to the story is a forward-thinking tech entrepreneur. Fortunately, the tech environment in real life is not as depicted in the series. I’m very happy that we can build technology companies in a more honest way. Otherwise, I readily admit that I devour everything in the reality genre – everything from Kompani Lauritzen to Everybody Loves David.


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