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Payment by card is the most secure and popular payment method in use today. The basis for this is provided by BankAxept’s Norwegian technology. The payment is made in real time by tapping a card, using chip and PIN, or via mobile phone. Today, BankID is also used by all the country’s banks, and it can be implemented by any business that wants secure and easy online identification or signing.

The BankID app is gradually replacing BankID on mobile. 2.4 million people will be transferred to the BankID app; so far 1.5 million have already started using it. The BankID password is currently used for login, but the company has revealed that it will soon be possible to log in using facial recognition, a fingerprint or a PIN code. 

“Embriq is an important partner in keeping things running smoothly”

Embriq supplies all our tailored Atlassian products: Jira Service Management, Jira Software and Confluence. This also includes advice on data migration, use of plugins and use of features, to name but a few. BankID BankAxept AS has been using our services since 2017 – and they are extremely pleased.

Profilbilde av Espen Head of internal IT

Espen Johnsen, Head of Internal IT at BankID BankAxept AS

Espen Johnsen, Head of Internal IT, explains why Embriq is an important partner.

“Embriq is important to us, particularly in times of mergers. We told you what needed moving, and you did the moving, says Johnsen”

Profilbilde av Erik Head of operations

Erik Larsen, Head of Operations at BankID BankAxept AS

“We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. Embriq is clearly an important partner for us, allowing us to keep things running smoothly and stay up to speed,”

says Erik Larsen, Head of Operations. All employees of BankID BankAxept AS use the tools in one context or another.

Confluence is used for secure internal documentation. Jira Software ensures efficient and seamless project management. Jira Service Management is their efficient internal service portal.

BankID BankAxept AS is confident that, with Embriq behind them, their Atlassian systems work properly and are utilised to the full. With 4.4 million users of BankID, and 8 out of 10 card payments being made with a BankAxept card, it is crucial that their systems work at all times. 

BankID BankAxept AS

bankkort og bankterminal

BankAxept AS was established in April 2014 with the banks as shareholders. In July 2018, BankAxept merged with BankID and Vipps to form a joint, single organisation.

In July 2022, BankID BankAxept AS was demerged from Vipps, and today we provide market-leading services in electronic identification/signing and card payment to end users and merchants throughout Norway.

BankID BankAxept AS is owned by the banks, with DNB, Sparebank 1 Betaling, Balder Betaling and Eika VBB as the largest shareholders. BankID BankAxept is wholly owned by Vipps Holding AS. 


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