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Let us help you with your strategic goals and ensure that your route to the most cost-effective use of IT is as short as possible.

Consultants with wide-ranging experience

We offer consultancy services to all types of enterprise. Our clients can usually be found in the energy and telecoms industries, public administration and the banking and finance sectors. Our contribution is often based on expertise from one or more consultants where the aim is to generate business value. Our consultants assist in identifying and developing processes to allow our clients to achieve their strategic goals and ensure that their route to the most cost-effective use of IT is as short as possible.


We offer wide-ranging experience in middleware and integration development and have managed some of the most comprehensive integration projects in Norway in the fields of telecoms, media and energy. Our offering ranges from service-oriented solutions to middleware and more dedicated industry projects where specialised adaptations are required. We offer an advanced development environment – both for Java and .net technologies – and we are able to supply most frameworks and methods. Our consultants currently provide solutions both in the form of complex core systems and more user-friendly interfaces in a unique and innovative way.


We work flexibly and customise our user-focused and risk-based test processes to our clients’ established routines. This provides high quality and a substantial reduction of critical errors as well as extensive test efficiency support. The responsibility for application tests is managed at project or program level, and we offer an end-to-end service to those clients who do not want to retain a large testing organisation with day-to-day responsibility for testing. We offer a model in which challenges are tackled early on in the process in order to ensure high quality and cost-effective operations.


We have worked with software development for several years in order to support our own and our clients’ projects. Internally, we have developed the Quant platform, an IoT hub which collects data from power meters all over Norway, analyses data and presents them to energy companies who have an energy contract with customers.

For external clients, we assist on large and small projects. From direct outsourcing of consultants to increase scope of delivery to projects on which we jointly design a solution and Embriq takes on the entire responsibility for delivery.

A consistent trend is that our developers who are used to working in environments focus on utilising the functionality offered by the cloud. This means that our developers work closely with the OPS team on public cloud services. In this way, we achieve real DevOps on our software projects.

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