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Challenges along the way

Marcus points out that the team certainly encountered some challenges in the course of the project, as is often the case, but they tackled them with close and good communication, as well as skilled developers. One of the central tasks was to integrate multiple functions and services into a unified SaaS solution that could offer customers everything they needed in the cloud.

“It’’s been a tremendously educational journey. We’ve grown as a team and established more efficient processes for migration, planning, data cleaning, and relocation. This will be a boon to us in the face of future migrations,” says Marcus.

Quant Core has a broadly skilled development team. Some are better with cloud-related issues, some specialise in databases, and others focus on domains. The great thing is that when these people work together – that’s when the magic happens.

More benefits now than before

Before this change, the team made deliveries every six weeks. With the new approach, they can deliver daily, reducing the time from error to solution and fostering greater flexibility and innovation.

The team worked on solving several issues and transforming them into “easy fixes”. This solution yield many benefits, including:

  • Continuous improvement: With continuous deployment, features and improvements reach customers faster. Everything happens automatically, eliminating the need for manual updates.
  • Scalability: We adapt the system’s capacity according to the customer’s current needs, ensuring optimal operational compatibility with connected systems.
  • Simplicity Customers now need only interact with one provider, eliminating the need to deal with their own service provider, further reducing complexity and simplifying the process.

Looking ahead

Together, the team has tackled challenges and set effective solutions in motion. While they have already invested an impressive amount of effort, they are already focused on streamlining and optimising their new solutions.

“With a solid foundation, we’re ready for the next steps. As always, ur goal is to improve and optimise service to our customers,” concludes Marcus.

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