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René har både stor lidenskap for både windsurfing og IT!

Can you tell us a little about your job at Embriq?
I have a very varied working day. I like working with people and motivating them to work on the things that are most important in a technological world and the value they generate – this means a lot to me.

My main focus is to achieve our goals and map the issues that have to be solved for the customer. I look at the requirements first and then at how to solve the problems.

I’m also responsible for six data centres in Sweden and Norway where we provide both socially critical and business-critical systems 24 hours a day. The customer makes the decisions their end, of course, so there are a lot of meetings and telephone calls with both our existing and new customers. Our growth strategy means that we have to think differently, which suits me very well. Downtime in IT is almost death. My main task is to define effective strategies for how we work in new markets and how we develop our services in line with the market and the needs of our customers.

Why did you choose Embriq?
IT has been my passion for a long time although I’ve never had a specific career plan. When my windsurfing career didn’t go quite to plan, my passion for IT became even bigger after my time in the army. I felt that I was becoming more and more interested in changes and IT. I studied at the Norwegian School of Information Technology before I started my career working as a senior system engineer at Telenor for seven years followed by five years with Hafslund IT. In 2010, I took over the ITMS business area which is about IT operations 24/7 all year round where we support and address socially and business-critical solutions.

In a way, IT has become a part of me. Feel free to call it a lifestyle. I’m interested in what IT can do to create value, and in that sense it suits me perfectly that Embriq is a value-based company. We are concerned with economic sustainability and equality, while at the same time thinking about the environment. I love that changes have to happen fast, maybe a little too fast. In summary, these things made the choice very easy and that’s why I chose Embriq.

What do you think is the coolest technology trend right now?
IT in retail is definitely the coolest technology trend. For example, RFID, overview of stock and digital changing rooms.

What is your favourite gadget?
Exercise measuring equipment. Measuring watts, pulse, distance and everything else that can be measured on any kind of gadget.

What is the best book you have read?
I like fantasy that’s slightly surreal. I also like non-fiction books about management.

Do you have a favourite television series that you would recommend to others?
Series that catch my attention and make me relax are my clear favourites. I really liked the first series of Supernatural, but it became a bit too violent towards the end. Criminal Minds and CSI are also series that I like. If I want a good laugh, I like to watch Monty Python. Their irony and comedy put me in a good mood! Always look at the bright side of life.




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