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Bilde av Thomas CEO, Espen

Foto: Morten I. Jensen, iHarstad

Celebrating the acquisition of Harstad-based Resight

Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq, and Espen Kåsin, director of Services & Software, yesterday visited Jørgen Bratting, Lillann Henriksen Solberg, Kenneth Juul Wannebo and Johannes Rotmo Valle who work at Embriq’s northernmost office in Harstad.

They went to Harstad to celebrate Resight joining Embriq and to discuss further opportunities for growth and value creation in the region with spokesperson Kari-Anne Opsal from Harstad Municipality and Director Ole-Jonny Korsgaard from the Harstad Region Trade Association.

Main focus on Powercatch

With the acquisition of Resight, Embriq has gained 25 employees who work with 40 power companies across Norway and focus on the Powercatch platform. A future-oriented platform for projects, trade and automation of work processes in power companies.

“Digitalised workflows in power companies will be vital in the future. There will be more dynamism in the end customers’ connection to the electricity network when they need charging facilities, battery technology and local production,” says Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq. “With the acquisition of Resight and its Powercatch platform, we will, in combination with our own Quant platform, play a very key role in this area with our customers in the Nordics,” says Pettersen. An important additional dimension is that Powercatch is linked to Atlassian’s digital platform and has significant potential for international application outside the Nordics.

Embriq’s office in Harstad is also investing in the resale of licences, consultancy services and productification of software from Atlassian.

Read the interview with iHarstad here.


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