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Embriq strengthens its commitment to advanced software through the acquisition of Resight and Enitech. The companies' unique expertise, technology and platforms strengthen Embriq on its way to becoming an international software and service provider to the energy industry.

Electrification and digitalisation

The energy industry is facing major changes driven by climate change goals, sustainability, electrification and completely new patterns of consumption. Together with the rapid development of methods and tools within the area of software development, this is accelerating the pace of digitalisation amongst electricity distribution companies. Embriq is a major player within the digitalisation of the energy industry, with a strong focus on software solutions, consulting and managed services. Through the acquisition of Resight and Enitech, Embriq continues to strengthen its position in the Nordic region.

Powercatch – Digitalised workflow and international expansion

“Digitalised workflows within the electricity distribution companies will be vital going forward. There will be more dynamics in end customers’ connection to the electricity grid for vehicle charging, the use of battery technology and local generation,” says Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq. Through the acquisition of Resight and its Powercatch platform, combined with our own Quant platform, we will have a pivotal role in this development with our customers in the Nordic region,” adds Pettersen. An important additional dimension is that Powercatch is linked to Atlassian’s digital platform and therefore also has considerable potential for international investment outside the Nordic region.

“Resight has experienced incredible growth over a number of years and during this period has had a very positive cooperation with Embriq,” says Jørgen Bratting, CEO/General Manager of Resight. Given our intention to utilise the Powercatch platform in further expansion in both Norway and internationally, it was natural for us to start a dialogue with Embriq,” he says. We know each other well and it is therefore with both confidence and motivation that we are combining with Embriq in order to contribute to further growth together,” he concludes.

Enitech – IoT technology and advanced data analysis

Changes in the electricity distribution grid amongst end customers also have major consequences for the distribution, regional and transmission grids. Embriq is already ideally positioned as regards data management from metering for ordinary end customers.

“Thanks to the acquisition of Enitech and its EMS10 software solution, we will also be able to obtain data from precision meters at exchange points and generation facilities,” says Pettersen. With a comprehensive software portfolio within consumption and production measurement, it forms the basis for a strategic position aimed at more advanced analysis, project planning and advanced operation of the entire electricity grid,” concludes Pettersen.

“Enitech AS was founded in the spring of 2019 based on the EMS10 software. A strong culture of cooperation with customers has enabled the development of the next generation, the EMS NG, which is built around advanced IoT technology and enables real-time reading of all market-leading precision meters. We look forward to further growth together with Embriq outside of Norway’s borders as well,” says Martin Tan, CEO of Enitech.

About Embriq

Embriq is a leading provider of advanced IT operations, software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services.  We deliver solutions that help complex and transaction-intensive businesses to optimise their competitiveness in industries such as Energy, Industry and Retail. Embriq employs over 180 people and provides services in Norway and Sweden. Embriq is backed by Magnesium Capital LLP, an energy transition-focused investor.

About Resight

Resight is a software company that provides business-critical applications linked to work order processes and interaction within electricity distribution companies. The company has over 50 electricity distribution companies in its customer base across Norway and Sweden using the Powercatch platform, and has experienced strong growth in recent years. The company has its head office in Harstad and 21 employees in two locations, Harstad and Fredrikstad.

About Enitech

Enitech is a software company that provides precision meter collection software to power generation and distribution companies in Norway and Sweden. The company has over 40 power generation and distribution companies in its customer base using the EMS10 platform. The company has seven employees in Arendal.




Thomas Pettersen, CEO, thomas.pettersen@embriq.no, +47 950 22 323

Jørgen Bratting, CEO, jorgen@resight.no , +47 951 14 211

Martin Tan, CEO, martin.tan@enitech.no , +47 907 59 320


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