We perform checks of electrical facilities and audits and information work on behalf of Norwegian utility companies.

Checks, audits and information work

Rejlers Elsikkerhet performs checks of electrical systems and carries out audits and information work on behalf of Norwegian utility companies. We possess a high level of expertise and long-standing experience with both small and large utility companies. We use utility companies’ own reporting systems and have experience of most systems currently in use, including Elwin, Cubit and Safe. In partnership with Cubit, we are able to provide monitoring services as a turnkey offering. By using our services, utility companies gain an independent supervisory partner which simplifies the management of issues of impartiality, especially in small utility companies. This allows utility companies to free up resources for their own core business activities.

We perform

  • Inspection according to instructions issued by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)
  • Technical checks of electrical systems and company audits
  • Audit of installers, school visits and information work
  • Fire investigation, earth fault searches and market control
  • Assistance for the police in investigations of criminal activity, e.g. theft of power
  • Checks of high and low voltage facilities on behalf of utility companies
  • Checks of connections to the network performed by the installer and inspection of the construction of new systems by electrical contractors

Stove guard prevents fire in kitchen

Stove guards are mandatory in all new-builds and are recommended in all other homes. A stove guard can limit injuries and prevent a stove fire from spreading.

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December is the month when the risk of fire is at its highest. The use of candles, stoves and electrical equipment – often combined with the consumption of alcohol – increases in December. Ensure that your fire alarm works – it can save your life!

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