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Can you tell us a little about your job at Embriq?
I usually sit in front of two screens and write Java code – either a new project or troubleshooting problems. I am a bit of a jack of all trades who takes any job I’m given. Right now I’m working on the Quant project, an application which is used by several major power and utility companies. Quant monitors power usage for almost half of Norway’s power consumers. This means they avoid having to worry about an incorrect bill. It is satisfying to know that I have a job that affects many people positively across Norway.

Why did you choose Embriq?
It was first and foremost that they were keen for their employees to be able to develop. Learning new things and getting better at what you want to get better at. The company prioritises further development, and becoming the best version of yourself is very important to me. It’s also great to have a flat hierarchy. Asking my boss about things I’m thinking about is never a problem – whether it’s big or small.

What do you think is the coolest technology trend right now?
It’s not necessarily new, but I’m fascinated by data streaming – Kafka, for example. You can read data from a long queue again and again and manage it differently every time, if necessary. Just one example: if I can’t handle invoices the way I want, we just change the way they are processed and upload the data again. It is much more seamless than having to correct errors manually afterwards.

What is your favourite gadget?
I have to say my mobile. I use it for everything from phoning and messaging to reading books and watching entertainment. Like most people, I’m completely dependent on it.

What is the best book you’ve read?
I mostly read non-fiction. Clean Code is simply a book about how to write short and concise code so that it’s as neat as possible for the next person who has to look at it. The book’s very good and incredibly helpful in my job!

Do you have a favourite television series that you would recommend to others?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I end up watching it for a bit too long every time. It’s a lot of fun! Let’s hope the police don’t really work in the way they do in that series!


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