Honest advice, no filter


  • Our consultants provide unfiltered guidance to their customers. But they do so in a constructive and calculated way, so that the customer can benefit even more from Embriq’s services.  Honesty should go hand in hand with love. Our Management Consulting team provides advice that opens the customer’s eyes to reality and severity.

Roger Johansen

Has worked in the IT industry for more than 35 years. As head of Embriq’s solutions centre, he is passionate about creating the best customer experiences in the procurement and use of IT systems. With his long track record, Roger is keen to share his expertise and experience with our customers, empowering them to make the right choices. He has worked for companies such as Telenor, Eltele Østfold and Skill AS.

Svein Cato Winther

Has extensive experience as a technology consultant. He is a dedicated consultant in a number of areas in which IT and digital solutions ensure efficiency and positive user and customer experiences. He has worked as IT Director for the Gresvig Group, IT Manager for the Eurosko Group, and as an interim manager at, among others, Berggård Amundsen & Co.

«No two are alike. The customer’s unique needs are the starting point for our approach and our processes» – Simen Pedersen.

Simen Pedersen

Is a dedicated senior consultant within collaboration and digital transformation. Simen has extensive experience from the private and public sectors, among companies such as Skill, Telenor and from management positions in various municipalities. He is committed to including people in the change process, to ensure optimal project outcomes.

Ole Gabrielsen

Has extensive experience in management, strategy and business development, and from senior management roles in both the public and private sectors. Ole is passionate about performance culture, and has worked for several years with Olympiatoppen. In addition, he has led major innovation and development processes in companies such as Saab Technologies, Smart Innovation Norway, Sarpsborg municipality and start-up companies.

The target image process, which was carried out with management advice from EmbriQ, laid the foundation for us to carry out our ISO certification in record time. Our strategic ambitions and goals are made clear and anchored throughout NIOS, as well as that we have a plan to realize the strategy. The value of the process is priceless.

Espen Pedersen Manager NIOS AS

«Passionate about innovation, driving development and creating value. We make things happen. I’ve just followed my instincts and gone with what I think is cool» – Ole Gabrielsen