Everything we dois in the cloud

We take responsibility for ensuring that the overall IT solution works so that our clients are able to focus on their own core business.

Cloud management

We have long-standing experience as a provider of data centre services – and we intend to stay unique in this segment. We have also learnt to develop and operate our own software: Quant, one of Norway’s largest IoT hubs.

The experience we have has given us an understanding of what is needed to enhance existing solutions for the cloud while maintaining security levels and adding functionality.

This means that we offer a unique operating model which ensures legal software while we help to develop the solutions of tomorrow in the cloud.

Modern workplace

Modern workers need modern interfaces. We offer a turnkey solution that ensures that all employees have secure access to information and applications – wherever they may be. With Microsoft 365 and other Cloud Native technologies, this is one of the market’s most modern platforms for ensuring productivity and security for your employees.

Cloud management

Operating in the cloud can be just as good as operating ‘on the ground’. But running a native cloud platform is very different to conventional operations. We work to lift our clients into the clouds. By this, we do not mean migrating server by server, but re-establishing services that ensure increased functionality, enhanced security and lower costs. Users of the solution also have to experience improved services. Our cloud management is customised environments that really harness the power of the public cloud. In partnership with the client, we defined a governance model that ensures compliance throughout our services – from technical functionality to access and security.

Hybrid operating models

For us, a hybrid operating model is closely related to the operation of legacy systems such as ERP and other technologies/applications that cannot or should not be moved to the public cloud. Whether we use API management to make your local resources available in the public cloud or set up a dedicated network, our aim is always that your business should be able to benefit from all the state-of-the-art functionality that the public cloud offers. Our aim is that you do not need to spend vast sums modernising ERP systems or other ‘legacy’ applications, but can use the power of the public cloud as quickly as possible.


Many of our services have been put together on the basis of technology from recognised providers. We are a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Tier 1 Partner with Microsoft. This means that we are able to troubleshoot and report errors on the solution on behalf of the client. We work with Amazon on developing our own solutions and deliverables for clients. What these partnerships have in common is that Embriq has invested significantly in the certification of our employees. We have everything from certified architects and technicians to solution centre specialists and sales staff. In addition to these two major partners, we have chosen other partners who add to our services. Whether this is publication of applications, monitoring, reporting or print solutions, everything has been put together with a single aim: to ensure that we use the best providers so that we are able to offer our clients the very best solutions.