STABLE IT has always been our DNA

Digital advancements take place at a rapid speed, and we ensure that our solutions are future-proofed. Legacy IT is one of the biggest obstacles to digitisation.

Our framework gives you a digital foundation that safeguards both legacy and native cloud services. This gives you scalable technology and the speed you need to make a success of your digital journey.

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1 Get the foundation

Start your journey

This phase provides you with a modern platform and a solid framework for starting or continuing your cloud journey. This can give you immediate cost savings as well as all the modern tools for use in the public cloud. We use the same framework for services on the ground as in the cloud.

This phase is for anyone:
– Taking the step into the cloud
– Requiring increased security
– Good integrated hybrid cloud
– State-of-the-art end user services

2 Modernise your IT

Increase your use of the cloud

This is the phase in which we move from the conventional to native cloud services. The aim is to modernise your infrastructure, and many manual components are replaced in order to adapt to standardised services. In other words, we go from counting servers to thinking holistically and using SaaS solutions where possible.

This gives you:
– More stability
– Cost savings
– Scalability

3 Enable new technology

Create digital value

With a solid framework and routines in place, you are ready to change your data and application structure to gain real value from your data – both internally and externally.

This means that you are able to build new applications faster and make use of advanced analyses. This creates the basis for new digital services and solutions.

This phase is for anyone:
– Developing new solutions internally and externally
– Requiring insight on the basis of their own data
– Utilising technology to create value

4 Modernise your business

Business value by using technology

Data provide a unique opportunity to develop further and customer-adapt both business models and strategies. Our advisors possess unique industry-specific insight and are able to link your technological present to your dreams for the future.

If you require more insight into:
– Digital trends in your industry
– Customer interaction/dialogue
– Utilisation of data
– Streamlining of your value chain
– How to apply new technology