Consultant partner in retail

    Consultant partner in retail

    One point of contact – multiple solutions

    The retail sector of the future will offer seamless integration of digital and physical channels. We have longstanding experience within technical solutions and how retailers can apply these to increase their competitiveness.

    We help you identify the best solutions – with just a single point of contact.

    Focus on customer experience and operational efficiency

    Retail is an industry undergoing rapid changes. Covid-19 has put further pressure on the need for innovation. With silo-based technical architecture and processes that are not properly integrated, it can be challenging to create a seamless customer experience in an efficient and consistent way. A modern retailer therefore needs solutions that are created with the reality of both today and tomorrow in mind.

    The key to an exceptional customer experiences

    Most people would agree that making decisions based on facts is important. We also know that few retail businesses are managed as well as they could be. We know that in-store employees are crucial to the store experience. But the most important thing is still that the store stocks the goods that customers want. Customers expect to have access to appropriate, consistent and correct information about the goods online.

    We choose the best partners for your needs

    Selected partners
    • Sitoo

      Unified shopping experience

      Sitoo provides cloud-based platforms and check-out systems that make Omnichannel a matter of course and Unified Commerce a reality. With unified real-time data across all sales channels, retailers can sell and deliver all products and manage returns anywhere.

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    • Fygi Technologies

      Mobile-based self-service – Scan Pay Go

      Fygi Technologies is a provider of mobile self-service for the retail sector. Fygi’s philosophy is to offer physical retail outlets the same options as online shopping. Fygi aims to be the best at insightful customer data, queue-less shopping and seamless customer journeys, while offering the best product information and payment solutions. Focusing on theft, Fygi provides the most sophisticated anti-theft solution on the market.

    • Smartsign

      The smart platform for digital signage

      By using digital signage, you are right where your customers are – and you can communicate relevant and interesting messages right then and there. Smartsign gives you the opportunity to inform, inspire and sell to your customers using advanced screen communication. The shopping experience is becoming increasingly important to retail outlets. This is where Smartsign, in partnership with Embriq, can help your organisation create unique solutions to increase sales and enhance the in-store customer experience. The screens can be placed anywhere you want and you can control them with just a few clicks.

    Contact one of our experts

    Connected Store

    The traditional way of running a store is now being severely challenged. Customers are increasingly using their smartphones and other connected devices on their shopping journey. Physical and digital channels are overlapping more and more. The majority of contemporary consumers are looking for interaction between the digital and physical store when they shop. In order to meet customer preferences today as well as in the future, digitalisation of the physical store has to be accelerated to ensure digital accessibility and seamless interaction between channels.

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