EmbriqIT for complex needs

Making data key to outstanding value creation

Our vision is «Making data key to outstanding value creation». Many industries are facing a fundamental shift in which digitisation will be key – and in which new solutions are required in order to meet demands for sustainability. To address climate challenges, we have to work smarter and utilise our resources more efficiently. This makes new demands of the handling of enormous volumes of data, real-time data and status information – while operational and delivery quality standards increase. Digitisation is all about converting this utilisation to benefit everyone – clients, society at large and the environment.


Embriq is a recognised and leading supplier of industrial IoT technology, software and IT services. We supply solutions that assist data-driven businesses in boosting their competitiveness. With more than 175 highly skilled and dedicated employees, the company serves more than 200 clients delivering critical services in the Nordic region. These are clients in sectors such as energy, FMCG, logistics, manufacturing and a range of other data-driven sectors. Embriq is headquartered in Oslo and operates across the Nordics.


  • Thomas Pettersen

    Chief Executive Officer

    (+47) 950 22 323

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  • Øystein Kloster

    Director Operations

    (+47) 982 28 489

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  • Benedikte Årseth

    HR Director

    (+47) 416 00 789

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  • Martin Sellman

    Director Services

    (+46) 768 29 10 75

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  • Ritu Rampal

    Director Consulting

    (+47) 954 78 264

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  • Truls Klokkerud

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    (+47) 992 51 975

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  • Jens Haug

    Director Products and Platforms

    (+47) 913 61 495

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  • Espen Kåsin

    VP Services and Software

    (+47) 415 35 950

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  • René Eriksen

    VP IT Managed Services

    (+47) 982 49 016

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  • Arne Schjerpen

    Chief Financial Officer

    (+47) 905 71 027

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  • Andreas Dolven

    Director Sales IT Managed Services

    +47 905 92 931

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