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Arbeider i høyspent

Trådbytte i Lysefjorden. Bilde: L-nett

“We find that the power system is becoming more and more complex. This is partly due to more local production, and the fact that we have more customers with high power outputs spread across several locations in the grid. This is increasing the need for high-quality data and the use of new technology, so that we can ensure even better control of the various components of the grid,” says Hans Bø, Head of Data Quality and Information Security at Lnett.

Lnett is working continuously to be a strong contributor to society in order to drive the Green Shift forward. The company is involved in many projects aimed at testing and gaining experience of smart grids, and what they can offer as regards useful information and knowledge.

“Lnett is an aggressive grid company which takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously, partly by continually getting involved in new projects involving new technology. It will therefore be particularly exciting to see how this project develops and how together we can identify the best possible functionality for Lnett,” says Jeanette Bratli, Sales Manager at Embriq

The agreement covers both Embriq’s Quant Flow and Quant Insight. Quant Insight is a SaaS service which gives grid companies a comprehensive overview of the distribution grid based on their own data, thereby contributing to more efficient grid operation and better support for future investments. Quant Flow is an IaaS (Integration as a Service) which is adapted to processes in the energy industry.

“The opportunity to work with such a forward-looking grid company like Lnett makes our job of digitalising the energy industry particularly rewarding. I look forward to following this collaboration,” says Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq.

Contact details

Hans Bø, Head of Data Quality and Information Security

Press officer for Embriq
kristin.weber@apriil.no – M: (+47) 932 82 549

About Lnett

Lnett is a grid company in Sør-Rogaland with around 160,000 customers. We are responsible for the regional network from Hjelmeland in the north to Eigersund in the south, as well as the distribution grid in nine municipalities. Lnett is a company in the Lyse Group.

About Embriq

Embriq is a Norwegian IT and technology company which delivers IT solutions to customers in the energy industry and other sectors. Embriq is a leading provider of advanced IT operations, proprietary software, industrial IoT technology and consulting services. Founded in 2009 as an offshoot from Hafslund. Currently owned by Magnesium Capital, a British private equity firm. The company has its head office in Bjørvika in Oslo and around 230 employees.


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