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Focus on industrial IT solutions and services

Embriq is a robust company which will continue to develop in 2022. We will be continuing to invest heavily in industrial operators with a need for a business-critical and data-intensive IT platform. 2022 will see the launch of more of our products and services as well as an increase in the number of resources who will be helping on the digitalisation projects that this market requires.

Increased investment in consultants

We are seeing an increased demand for consultancy services in the interface between business and IT and will be consolidating our expertise in this area. It is often in this space of technological opportunity that fast business value that requires interdisciplinary expertise can be found. When digitalisation projects have been agreed, it is often modern technology that is capable of offering expertise and/or roll-out capacity to customers. We are seeing increased demand for consultants who are able to assist on both small and large digitalisation projects.

Future-oriented software solutions and services

In 2022, we increased the scope of our research and innovation projects. We do this to ensure that we are at the forefront of new sustainable software solutions and services that we believe the market needs in the future. We also do this to assist clients with solutions they may not need immediately, but will be necessary in order to meet the requirements of tomorrow.

Local presence and proximity to clients

Our solutions and services are developed in partnership with our clients. In 2022, we also worked on multiple initiatives where we worked together to produce effective solutions. Collaborating on innovation is extremely exciting – and most likely the fastest way to valuable innovation.
Embriq focuses on local presence, and in 2022, our local offices, in particular, will be welcoming new colleagues. We want work in increased proximity to our clients. We do this because we want to contribute local services and meet regularly where physical interaction is the best solution. This also means a larger catchment area for the recruitment of highly skilled people who have settled in various regions of Norway and Sweden. This is a sustainable model that reduces travel and decentralises highly skilled positions.

Strengthening our position as a future-oriented digitalisation partner

“In 2022, we will be strengthening our position as a future-oriented digitalisation partner. With detailed industry knowledge and in-depth digitalisation expertise, we offer value creation through strategic choices and the application of technology. We are very keen to contribute solutions and services that provide immediate business value, but are also eager to act as a partner that continuously contributes to increased innovation, sustainability and realisation of long-term business goals for our clients,” says Thomas Pettersen.

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