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Kavli velger Embriq som total Hybrid Multi-Cloud IT-leverandør

Turnkey IT provider

The contract was signed in December 2019, and in April this year the roll-out was complete. This means that Embriq is the turnkey sourcing partner for most of Kavli’s IT requirements related to operations, storage and monitoring, including the infrastructure that operates Kavli’s critical ERP system (Infor M3), but also a range of other critical applications. Kavli’s brands are widely known and a common sight on dining tables all over the world. Production takes place at factories in many countries with operations 24/7/365.

Not crying over spilt milk

“Requirements for IT system uptime are very stringent. We cannot afford to cry over spilt milk. If our IT systems stop – production stops, and this has immediate and costly consequences, for example, raw ingredients like milk having to be destroyed,” explains Kavli’s Group ERP Manager Svein Solheim.

“That’s why we have tough standards for uptime and insist that our IT provider is able to manage our operations 24/7 distributed across different sites. So far, Embriq has been excellent at this,” explains Solheim.

He continues:

“Our company is multinational, and it is almost always peak season for some of our products in one or more markets. This means that changes to the IT systems are demanding, but in partnership with Embriq we completed the roll-out project on time and on budget without disruptions, and we are very pleased about that,” explains Solheim.

Industry 4.0

“We believe that this is a fantastically exciting contract where we are really able to show what we can do with a broad spectrum of IT services that we put together in a hybrid multi-cloud offering,” explains Renè Eriksen, director of operations at Embriq.

“A good example is the new dairy that Kavli is building in Jæren. This dairy will be 100% dependent on operational IT and highlights to the full how important IT is in streamlining operations in modern manufacturing companies, often referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’,” explains Eriksen.

“Our job is to ensure that the Kavli Group achieves its ambitions in this area and remains among the world’s most efficient food manufacturers,” explains Eriksen.

Hybrid multi-cloud

“Our hybrid multi-cloud concept means that we provide all services from a dynamic capacity platform at our data centre. For the client, this means a tried and tested PaaS delivery model which is 100% scalable and cost-effective for all the client’s varying requirements – fully compatible with services from Azure and AWS. We also ensure that all services are provided with full redundancy and built-in security at the highest level,” says Eriksen.

About Kavli

The Kavli Group is a Norwegian food company with business activities in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. In Norway, Kavli is best known for the spreadable cheeses from O. Kavli as well as milk and yoghurt from Q-Meieriene with their three production facilities. In Sweden, production of the brands Kavli, Eriks® sauces and dressings, Johnny’s®, Hultbergs®, Västerviks senap®, Bollnäsfil®, Perstorp ättika, Planti® and Druvan® takes place in Älvsjö, Eslöv and Åbo.

This year, the group has had a turnover of approx. NOK 4 billion and has ten factories in four countries. The Kavli Group is owned by the non-profit Kavli Trust which last year donated NOK 117 million to good causes in the fields of humanitarian work, research and culture. Find out more at www.kavli.no

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